Startup Delhi and PageSwype hosted Community’s first Meetup – Startups Talk


Startup Delhi, a Facebook Community along with PageSwype, an online media hosted Startups Talk at ‘The Dreamer’s Cafe-JuxPux.

Startup Delhi group is very active and engaged with its members and is growing at a very pace. Currently it has 10K+ member in the network who uses this group to utilises for Feedback, suggestions and help from other community members around Startups, New Business and Entrepreneurship.

Startups Talk
Startups Talk hosted by PageSwype and Startup Delhi

People were very enthusiastic to come over for this meetup session and had a zeal towards starting of their own. Members as young as 12th pass are so excited to join and discuss on starting up, challenges, roadblocks, growth opportunity and many other aspects of the startup community.

We had called a special guest to this meetup session, Ms. Ishita Anand- CEO and CoFounder BigGiving, for sharing her journey and her opinion and advice to budding entrepreneurs on their questions they had. Along with her joined us Vasudha Satsangi who looks after Designing and Social Media at BitGiving.

Moreover, she talked on what and how of CrowdFunding. How crowdfunding can help take their dream vision of building a scalable business to the next level in reality. what all kind of product/service can use or suggested to use crowdfunding or sourcefunding to secure initial money. The Do’s and Dont’s and guidelines to start a crowdfunding campaign.

She shared her journey from the old days of starting up BitGiving to the days BitGiving raised funding. The ups and downs she and her team went through and then the ‘keep going’ motivation.

A 26 years women entrepreneur who is successfully running a crowdfunding startup BitGiving, Ishita Anand is extremely motivated and focussed personality with very clear thought process towards business objectives.She and Fahad Moti Khan founded BitGiving in Apr-13 with a vision to boost and uplift the crowdfunding culture in India Market to help NGOs and Individuals for raising money social cause or otherwise. Read more about Bitgiving here.

Overall it was a good learning and experience for the presented community members along with some fun and entertainment.

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PageSwype and Startup Delhi plans to bring more such events with many other guest speakers and industry leaders to give you some more ‘Gyaan’.

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